August 9, 2008

Food Tour in the City - Recipe for a great Friday night...

Last night I finally did a "food tour" criss-crossing the island to sample classic cheap eats spanning different ethnicities and genres...

(Courtesy of Google Maps I've mapped out our path for easy replication - click on it to make it easier to read since we aren't owls).

A. Kati Roll
B. Peanut Butter & Co.
C. Plump Dumpling
D. S'Mac
E. ChikaLicious Dessert Club
F. Crif Dogs
G. Caracas Arepas
H. Dessert Truck

A good friend put together a ridiculous itinerary starting off at Kati Roll in Greenwich Village to the Dessert Truck parked in the East Village...with many many stops in between. Now I know you may ask, "how can one eat so much?"

Well, I thought the same thing (even though I've been known to eat like a trucker)...

The trick here, the real key - Go with a group of your best pals and...just order one dish at each place and share among your party!

It's basically like having a dinner full of all the best appetizers! After all, isn't the best part of dinner the appetizers? Just a taste always leaves me wanting more in the best way...

No bashfulness here...dig in, bite in, snack room for squeamish germaphobes!

This is a "must do" for anyone new or old to New York and a great way to sample all the diversity the city has to offer. After all I've been in New York for 5 years and this is the first time I've done it...

Who said you couldn't eat for under $30 bucks in NY?

Prepare your appetite because I think each place deserves its own posting, So here we go....

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