August 9, 2008

A. Kati Roll - Way to start off the Food tour with a Bang!

Kati RollFirst stop on the food tour was Kati Roll in Greenwich Village.

From what I can tell, Kati rolls are kind of like an Indian version of a burrito,wrap or pita. Funny enough the wrap also reminds me of the scallion pancakes you get at Ollies.

I know that sounds weird, and I quite possibly am butchering it, but basically they are thin, crispy rolls filled with meats or veggies, cheese and egg.

We got the Unda Chicken Kati roll - filled with spicy chicken, egg and onions. What was interesting was that it definitely had a spicy kick to it...but you almost didn't feel the burn until it hit as an aftertaste. This can be dangerous if you eat quickly (which I do) and might leave you scurrying to the counter for a refresher...

Tip - Milk is the best remedy to dilute the burning sensation. Beer, soda and water do no good.

Guess it goes back to the saying "Milk does a body good..."

Kati Roll
99 MacDougal St. New York, NY

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