August 10, 2008

H. Dessert Truck - 5 star Desserts by the Curbside

Dessert TruckLast stop on the Food tour: Dessert Truck!

Time for some proper dessert. The Dessert Truck is currently stationed on 3rd Ave. at Saint Marks Place. Right by the Starbucks, so you can grab your coffee to go with your fancy schmancy dessert.

I've been wanting to try the Dessert Truck for a while, but with all the plethora of dessert choices in the city, plus the other sweet trucks circling Manhattan (I'll get to those later), I never found the right moment.

Thank goodness I finally tried it! It was delicious. Amazing something so good and so fresh can come out of what is essentially an RV. Take that Le Cirque!

5 star dining without the pretension or the price.

They serve both hot and cold desserts, all for the price of $5 bucks. Not bad, considering frozen yogurt will set you back at least $5.75!

One tip though- get there on the earlier side of the evening. By 10:30pm, perfect dessert time if you ask me, most of the selections were sold out.

We settled on the chocolate bread pudding and the creme brulee. I'm not sure why these weren't sold out as well since they were fantastic. Definitely can compete with any dessert place out there and with the benefit of eating it wherever you want.

Dessert Truck also has some unique flavors for the a bacon creme anglaise option to go with the chocolate bread pudding. Wish I had noticed that before I ordered!

Like I said...everything in life is better with bacon.

Ahh...well there's always next time.

And with Dessert Truck, there will definitely be a next time.

Dessert Truck
3rd Ave. at Saint Marks Place, New York, NY
Check website for new locations

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