August 11, 2008

August - Ambience Rocks, Food Disappoints.

August Restaurant So I know that a lot of people feel very strongly about August in the West Village. They looooooove it.

So I rightly expect not everyone will agree with this post. Which is "a-ok" with me. :)

My first dining experience at August was a couple years ago when I stopped in on a rainy Saturday night. I was seated at the tiny table right in front of the door.

Unfortunate seating. Each time the door opened, the rain and wind came in with it. Not surprisingly it was hard to enjoy my dinner and I remembered little of the food.

That experience unfairly turned me off from August and it's been 2 years since.

This weekend I gave it another shot after many friends insisted that it was one of the best places in the Village.

Very hard expectations to live up to.

I came for brunch on Saturday afternoon - it was a beautiful day, and upon entering I was very, very pleasantly surprised to see that there was an outdoor atrium past the kitchen.

It was gorgeous. Rustic, homey, transported me to a European countryside. I was in love.

Now for the food. We ordered the German Pancakes and the Alsatian Baked Eggs - with bacon, carmelized onions and creme fraiche.

First off, the German Pancakes. Hrmm. Tough to describe, except that it came out in a big cast iron skillet and was huge. Fluffy. Very very eggy, and a little bit of a burnt taste.

Not what you think of when you think of pancakes. That was alright, except it was sold to me as having fresh peaches stuffed inside. I dug and dug until I found 2, maybe 3 slices of peaches.

I love peaches. :(

Second, the Baked Eggs. These I have to say were good. Better than good. The creme fraiche, bacon and especially the carmelized onions - who doesn't love carmelized onions! It was good.

Only problem. The portion was tiny!

Too bad the Baked Eggs were tiny, and the German Pancake was huge.


Well, I suppose what you'll tell me is - You have to go for dinner! That's the real deal!

Maybe...maybe I'll give it one last try.

Just cuz I loved that atrium so much.

359 Bleecker StNew York, NY

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