August 11, 2008

Bleecker Street - Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet...Oh My!

ice creamI know I did a post previously on the Yogurt Wars taking over Manhattan. So I just wanted to talk a little about real dessert.

Ice cream.

Here are some of my thoughts on the various ice creams, gelatos, and sorbets available on Bleecker Street. I mention this because along with the various yogurt choices, there are no less than 3 stellar ice cream shops around the area of Bleecker (6th Ave. and 7th Ave. South).

Now I like frozen yogurt well enough. But I LOVE ice cream.

I mean really love it. It doesn't even matter if I just had dessert.

If I see an ice cream place, I'll go for seconds.

Lets start with the oldest one:

Cones ArtisansThis place has been around forever, or more accurately since 1988 and was started by 2 brothers from Argentina.

The mere fact that it has survived through the ups and downs of the NYC economy over the past 20 years is testament in itself to how good their ice cream is.

I've been going to Cones ever since I moved to NYC. The ice cream flavors range anywhere from classics like Mint Chip to Dulce de Leche to interesting additions like Ginger and Zabayone (a custard made by whipping egg whites with muscato)

Another must try flavor? Corn. Corn! How cool is that!?

Personally, I go there for the sorbets. Usually if I'm quite full from dinner at Po (just around the corner on Cornelia), I will hop into Cones for some of their Pear sorbet - soft, flaky, melt in your mouth, with little pieces of pear to munch on. Delicious.

Other flavors I love include watermelon, pineapple, and apple.

L'Arte Del Gelato
L'Arte Del GelatoThis gelato shop is a new addition to the neighborhood - just a little over 1 year old.

This is gelato. Not ice cream. To put it simply, gelato has less air, less fat, and more natural ingredients than most standard ice creams.

This may be a gross generalization, but in general it is creamier and softer going into your mouth. Warning though - that means it melts more quickly.

L'Arte Del Gelato serves up traditional Italian flavors like tiramisu, straciatella and coffee, amongst many others.

When I want a decadent snack, this is where I go.

Tip - next time you are going to a dinner party and don't have time to make anything (which is most of the time for me - there's never enough time in NY, right?)...go to L'Arte Del Gelato and pick up a pint - 2 flavors for $10.50.

Everyone loves gelato right?

Grom Gourmet gelato with a mission. Grom opened their first NYC - actually first location abroad in 2007, on the Upper West Side to great fan fare and long, serious lines. We are talking serious lines.

In spring 2008, the West Village was lucky enough to get its very own Grom. More lines followed. Serious lines. Serious waits.

Grom was founded in 2003 in Turin, Italy - based on a philsophy of making gelato with only the best, natural and freshest ingredients possible. Grom uses organic products whenever possible, and dictates its flavors based on the season and environment from where it sources - from Italy to Central America.

What does all of this mean to you?

Well... it means delicious gelatos, sorbets and slushes. And the added benefit of knowing that your dessert doesn't have to be thaaaaat bad for you. Afterall, it's organic right?

Flavors include some indigenous to various regions in Europe.

Cassata Siciliana? A citrus blend of candied fruit - citron, lemon and orange...mixed with fresh ricotta cheese. Truly Sicilian.

Malaga? A unique blend with wines and grapes.

I however often go with a classic Extra Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut. Mmmm..

If you are feeling full from your John's pizza from up the street...go for the sorbets.

The lemon flavor is particularly refreshing, sharp and tart...just the way lemon should be.

Warning: With all things organic, comes an organic price tag. Expect to pay anywhere from $6- 9 bucks for your tasty treat.

272 Bleecker StNew York, NY

L'Arte Del Gelato
West Village
75 7th Ave. New York, NY
Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave. New York, NY

West Village
233 Bleecker St. New York, NY
Upper West Side
2165 Broadway, New York, NY

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