August 11, 2008

Tribeca Grill - Robert DeNiro's Downtown Watering Hole. All Look, Little Substance.

Tribeca Grill Tribeca Grill is a big, splashy restaurant located on Greenwich St. at Franklin, right across the street from the Citigroup building.

Good thing, since I think most of their business is likely done by the investment bankers in the area.
Hrmm...maybe not such a good thing given their species is quickly dwindling now...

I dined at Tribeca Grill on a recent Friday night. The decor is inviting - an old classic vibe with a great center bar, ideal for after work drinks to wind down a long work week.

Like I said, mostly frequented by the pawns at Citigroup coming to share war stories.

While the service was impeccable, almost overwhelming (really, there may have been 3 - 4 waiters serving our table), the food was just ok.

The steak was a bit tough to chew, and the corn bisque with mussels had just a bit too much of mussel flavor, overpowering the sweetness of the corn.

Better dishes included the Rare Seared Tuna appetizer with beautiful sesame noodles (so soft!) and the Warm Asparagus Salad.

All in all, not too bad if you happen to be in the area. But not worth the trek downtown.

However, one last note- if you do happen to dine there, a walk along the Hudson River after dinner is the perfect way to burn off those extra calories. (picture from

Tribeca Grill
375 Greenwich, New York, NY

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