August 11, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - No, not the TV show. New Mexican Cuisine Done Right.

Hell's KitchenLocated in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, thus it's namesake...

Hell's Kitchen is a "go to" place for great Mexican food - served up gourmet style.

This place is goooood. Like, really really good. For those of you who don't like to trek to the westside:

News Flash: Hell's Kitchen, or the politically correct term, Clinton via 9th Ave. is one of the new meccas for upcoming chefs and inspired cuisine.

I have been going to Hell's Kitchen since I moved to NYC. Being a former resident of Hell's Kitchen, I discovered it one evening walking down 9th Ave, and have been going back ever since.

What's so great about this place? Everything. From the drinks, to the decor, to the scintillating food...everything is good.

The ambience is very modern, dark lighting with a southwest feel.

The drinks are strong.

Favorite drinks include the Wajito - a watermelon mojito, and the Caipirhina - a traditional Brazilian drink with cachaca, fresh lime & sugar.

The food is to die for.

Favorites include the Duck Confit Empanadas and the Grilled Shrimp with Serrano Sauce, Sweet Plaintains and Guacamole. I have been ordering the shrimp for 3 years running.

Unfortunately one weakness is the Desserts. I would skip dessert and walk up the street to Kyotofu for a change of pace and some Japanese delights.

Another tip - Hell's Kitchen is a good dinner choice for working midtownites. While it can sometimes get busy with the pre-theatre dinner crowd, after the curtain falls you can usually grab a spot.

Perfect for a late night dinner. (picture from

Hell's Kitchen
679 9th Ave. New York, NY

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