August 10, 2008

G. Caracas Arepas - Thanks again Bobby Flay for the tip!

Caracas ArepasSo again, I got the tip from "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" to go to Caracas Arepas to sample true authentic Venezuelan corn arepas.

I'm telling you, Bobby Flay knows his stuff...

Turning around the corner from Crif Dogs, we found Caracas Arepas spilling out with people left and right.

The tiny restaurant on 93 1/2 East 7th looks quaint and cozy, perfect to bring a date when you want her to think you are "in the know."

For us though, we were on a food tour. No time to sit down. Lucky enough..up the street at 91 East 7th, they have a tiny takeout box where you can order up arepas to go.

Faced with a ton of choices (17 different fillings to be exact!) we went with a traditional classic: Number A-8, the De Pabellon - a corn arepa filled with shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese.

Now just a tip, make sure you decide what you want before going to order. This place is crowded and there is little tolerance for watchers and idlers. patient, as the sign in the shop says "this is not fast food. good food takes time"

But folks, trust me it's worth it. At first glance the arepa looked a little like a version of a slider. One bite in, and it's the best slider you've ever had.

Probably cuz it's not a slider, but that's besides the point. The crispy corn patty stuffed with melt in your mouth beef, beans and plantains combines together with a spice and punch that leaves you wanting more. In a vain attempt to describe it, I'll say it's kind of like a sloppy joe with a twist.

Brings back childhood cafeteria memories of sloppy joes. Except they sure didn't taste this good.

Carcas Arepas
91 East 7th St. New York, NY
Dining Room
93 1/2 East 7th St. New York, NY

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