May 6, 2014

oPhone + oNotes - Do we really want an aromatic phone?

Today I got an email announcing the impending launch of oNotes - the future of aromatic text messages is almost here...

Next time I send you a text about the awesome bakery down the street, you will get a scend of bread wafting to your nose.  OR, what about sending you an image of NYC on a hot summer day?  What scent will accompany it?  Shudder... this something the world is ready for?  Sensory overload?  Or a chance to experience everything with a click of the button.  No more need to wait 3 hours for that coveted can just smell mine :)

Be the first to own your very own oPhone - from June 17th to July 31, you can purchase yours on indiegogo for $149.

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