May 13, 2014

Be careful tipping - Blue Ribbon Bakery tricked me...

This post is a little bit out of frustration and annoyance to a recent trend that I am seeing at restaurants.   These days many restaurants are putting suggested tip amounts on the receipts - 20%, 25% and 30% amounts.

I typically tip 20-25% on my bill.

When splitting the bill with friends, each person usually puts that tip on their individual receipt...thus the collective tips add up to the 20-25%.

Last night I dined at Blue Ribbon Bakery with two girlfriends and we split the bill 3 ways.  When we got our receipts there was a suggested tip amount.  In my stupor (perhaps that glass of wine hit me too hard)...I ended up just putting that amount as my tip - meaning I tipped 20% of the entire bill on my third.  Essentially amounting to a 55-60% tip!

I didn't realize this until I got home - and I thought about calling the restaurant.  But, I figured I would let it go this amounted to an extra $12, which I can stomach for my own mistake.

But really, shame on them - this must happen often to unsuspecting diners and international tourists who are already unfamiliar with the tipping culture here....

Just be careful and ignore any "suggested amounts."  We should be smart enough to do the math on our own.

...Perhaps it's their way of punishing us diners when we ask to split the bill on separate credit cards.  Sigh.

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