May 6, 2014

Birch Coffee Cold Brew - Great way to start the morning

Since last summer I have been religiously buying weekly growlers of Cold Brew from Birch Coffee. Since I live just around the corner from Birch I opt for pick up rather than delivery - which you can certainly do - and would be a great asset to any office!

The cold brew is deliciously strong, nutty and think (not watery like most iced coffees).  The first time it's $18, and then $15 each time after.  Just bring your empty growler back and swap out for a new one and you are set for the week!

Half and half and a splenda is good for me, but it tastes great just black for those of you hardcore coffee drinkers!  I find that it's way more worth it than going to Starbucks all the time.  I'll be starting my mornings off with this daily luxury all summer long :)

Birch Coffee
21 East 27th between 5th and Madison

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