April 21, 2014

Joseph Leonard - An oldie but a goodie!

Recently on a warm Saturday afternoon (finally I know after what must have been the world's longest winter!) we found ourselves out in the West Village around 6pm thinking where should we eat?  Wanting to take advantage of the early time and the fact that the weather was so nice no one was thinking about eating dinner so early, for fear of missing out on much needed sunshine I though - now would be the perfect time to try somewhere I've always wanted to go.  Joseph Leonard!  Seriously, over the past I don't know how many years, I have walked by this restaurant countless times, driven past it in cabs - always noting how crowded it always is!

I've been to the sister restaurants - Fedora, Chez Sardine and Jeffrey's Grocery...but always wanted to try the original.  So now was my chance.  

We were seated immediately right by the window (I guess since it's so tiny, every table is by a window)...but it was lovely to say the least.  This restaurant is probably the definition of quintessential West Village style.  The staff was super friendly, and I settled in for what ended up being a two hour dinner.  Not rushed one bit - no matter how crowded it got.

The food was delicious - every dish complemented with spring vegetables and cooked wonderfully.  Mussels and fries, and a deliciously flaky hake dish smothered in truffled mushroom and spring peas.  A side of the stuffing with gruyere to boot and I was in heaven.

The best part was dessert - how can you ever turn down monkey bread?  The portions were big, the drinks strong, and the ambiance and staff perfectly lovely.  If I lived in the neighborhood this would definitely be my go to spot.  Even with the customary 1 hr+ wait.

I have been to their other sister restaurants, but I have to say - as with most restaurant groups...the original usually can't be topped. 

170 Waverly Place at West 4th

No reservations

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