March 12, 2013

Make your own fresh O.J. and Grapefruit juice!

So I got really scared about the "flu epidemic" that seemed to be going around NYC this winter and decided it was time to amp up my vitamin C intake.  Given I don't really believe in flu shots (I know, I know...many people will have me crucified for this), I decided I was going to show everyone that I could protect myself naturally against the flu this year by just sleeping better, exercising and some fresh O.J.!

Knock on far it's worked.  Anyhow - to help me out I ordered the Tribest CS-1000 Citrus Juicer on Amazon.  After perusing the dozens and dozens of different juicers, this one seemed to be the right fit.  Not very expensive ($43 bucks), electric and simple and easy to use and clean.  The simple and easy to clean was major.

All you do is slice your fruit in half (larger fruits like grapefruits and larger oranges seem to work best) and place on top of the juicer.  Press down and it spins around squeezing all the juice out.  Voila!  So easy!  Not much pulp, all juice.  To clean, there are really only three components that need to be rinsed.  Really as easy as you can ask for..

A warning though - this isn't a cheap endeavor - you have to buy fresh fruit (a lot of it, and often).  For reference it takes about 2 large grapefruits to make one full glass of juice.  For oranges, try 4.  That's a lot, I know...

BUT, it's worth it.  Just order from FreshDirect and it comes to your doorstep - no heavy lifting or anything!

I highly recommend it - although after drinking fresh squeezed, you will become one of those overly annoying people who needs clarification at restaurants on whether the juice is fresh squeezed or not.  Oh well - sometimes we become the people we roll our eyes at...


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