November 8, 2010

The Breslin - Wear your best flannel and puffy vest!

So I went to The Breslin yesterday morning for brunch to check out what everyone's been talking about.  Boy was I glad I had whipped out the grandpa cardigan and oxfords! 

The place was crawling with facial hair, flannel, puffy vests - moneyed people outfitted by the adjacent Opening Ceremony, spending who knows how much to look like they stepped out of Goodwill!

The Breslin @ The Ace Hotel
If you ask me it was all a little too much for me.... anyhow onto the food and decor.  A bit too dark for my taste - definitely too dark for brunch, but I suppose the lack of light matched the rustic dark wood decor giving an air of heaviness to the environment.  A heaviness that was certainly matched by the food.

I had the pumpkin pancakes which were quite lovely.  Not particularly light or eggy - more like a multi-grain pancake.  My boyfriend said it reminded him a bit of eating oatmeal, it definitely had that kind of heartiness to it. 

I obviously ordered a side of the house cured bacon.  Now this was delicious.  But definitely a heart attack in the making.  Fatty, fatty, fatty...You definitely need some sort of acid to counteract all that grease and fat.  Perhaps a Bloody Mary?

Our neighbors had the full English breakfast - fried egg, sausage, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms.  $21 bucks! Urmmmm......I don't know about that.

The lamb burger on the other hand was delicious - but just to warn, it is topped with goat cheese (I am not a fan - I know, that's like blasphemy to most people...but just saying...)

Accompanied by crisp steak fries....I definitely felt guilty gorging on this meal while at the same time thousands were running the NYC marathon....hehe

All in all, I probably wouldn't come back to The Breslin - I am not a huge fan of the heavy Irish pub fare, but those true Spotted Pig lovers will definitely appreciate it.

I would however come back to the lounge at The Ace Hotel - if only to people watch!

All the style blogs must capture a lot of people for their street scene shots from here.  Curious location for the hipsters though - 29th/Broadway...not exactly what I think of when I think of where the cool kids play.....

Maybe I'm just getting old... 

The Breslin
16 West 29th (at Broadway)

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