November 15, 2010

Jeffreys Grocery - The Perfect Neighborhood Spot...

...It's places like Jeffreys Grocery that make me wish again and again that I lived in the West Village!  I stopped by with my friend Yue to have lunch yesterday at this brand new grocery/bar/luncheonette (they serve dinner too!).  Her friend Jim was bartending, so we decided to pay him a visit and keep him company on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

From the people who brought you Joseph Leonard, the shop is pretty small - seating for maybe around 20?  We nabbed two perfect seats at the bar and got down to business.  First up - the drinks.  The Red Fox and The Waverly Weekender - too classic sweet, but not too sweet drinks.  Perfect for brunch.  For beer lovers - definitely try out their draft (fyi you can also take a growler home of your draft of choice if you so desire!)  A good way to be the most popular Sunday Football house guest!

For lunch we went with the Curry Chicken Salad sandwich and the Pear and arugula salad.  Delicious- both were light and flavorful - not your garden variety salad and sandwich spot.  If you so desire, there is an extensive raw bar as well as cheese and charcuterie options.  Next time I will definitely do a sampling of that...

Keep in mind, this is a part grocery, part bar, part restaurant.  Meaning the menu is pretty small - mostly cold salads and sandwiches with only a couple of hot dishes.  All about quality, not quantity - how every good restaurant should be...

For dessert we were treated to a huge slice of Red Velvet cake with fresh berries in whipped cream - YUM.  Beware, this is meant for 2 - it is huge!  Perfectly moist with cream cheese frosting....this is how red velvet is supposed to be.  Not overly sweet either.

Our other dessert was off the menu, but will hopefully be added soon!  A delicious toasty Olive Oil infused bundt cake.  Yumm....olive oil cake definitely seems to be the dessert du jour these days. Finally, a dessert that's good for you!  :)

As a perfect complement - don't forget to get the coffee - It's Stumptown!!! And there really is a difference between good coffee and bad coffee - it goes down much smoother with none of that acidic aftertaste.

172 Waverly Place (at 9th)
(646) 398-7630

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