November 7, 2010

Flex Mussels - Delicious Mussels + Donuts!

I am so happy that Flex Mussels opened a downtown location in the West Village.  Located on the ground floor of a townhouse, the interior of Flex Mussels is part club (the bar), and part urban beach. The main dining room has a great lighted painting/mural of a New England landscape that takes you right back to the Eastern seaboard. 

Onto the food!  Mussels galore!  All sourced from Prince Edward Island - all served in a variety of delicious broths.  Anything from curry flavors, to Italian, to Mexican, to Portuguese, to Mediterranean. Try the Parma -  parmigiano cream, meyer lemon, scallions, toasted garlic and shallots or the Maine -  lobster, smoked bacon, corn, white chowder, parsley (and don't be afraid of getting cheated - the Maine includes big chunks of lobster).

If you aren't into Mussels, definitely try the lobster roll - huge chunks of lobster (1lb) in a light citrus aioli (much lighter than most lobster rolls!) or the fish of the day....

Don't forget an order of the flex fries to dip in your mussel broth....and DEFINITELY save room for DONUTS!

Best part of the meal - order 4 for $9 bucks.  And definitely make sure the fluffernutter is one of them, or two, or all four. 

This place was so good I went two weekends in a row! 

Flex Mussels
154 West 13th St. Between 6th and 7th

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