December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving at 10 Downing - Pretty Good!

So I know this is super late - but I didn't want to let it go without a mention.  I know previously I was very harsh on 10 Downing - I just wasn't impressed with the brunch I had last year.

My boyfriend took a pretty big risk this year and booked our Thanksgiving dinner at 10 Downing.  Which, thankfully for him - was actually very very good!!

And at $45/person - pretty reasonable.

After a nice fresh salad of buttermilk lettuce and fresh apples (gotta love the crispness of the apples to cut into the buttery lettuce!) I of course ordered the turkey with all the trimmings.

Now what I really liked about their rendition was the way it was served.  It almost reminded me of the way I would put together my plate if I were at a big family dinner buffet style.  Rustic, slightly messy - it reminded me of a home cooked meal.

Now that's tough to accomplish.  I mean it actually looked really appetizing!  Thanksgiving is not a day for prim and proper and's a day for real good ole fashioned home cooking.  And in NYC - away from family, it was a nice touch.  The turkey was moist (a challenge no doubt!) and the stuffing cooked just right.

Onto dessert - which was AMAZING.  Very very delicious.  A petite pumpkin pie tort with fresh whipped cream and caramel brulee.  Delicious!!!  Sweet, crunchy, creamy - what more can you ask for in a Thanksgiving dessert?

I would definitely come back next year.  10 on a scale of 10!

10 Downing
Downing at 6th Ave.

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