December 14, 2009

Bon Chon Chicken @ Boka - Does anyone order anything else there?

Besides the watermelon soju?  Last week I finally headed down to Boka in the east village on St. Marks between 3rd and 2nd Ave.  With a full menu of sushi and extras - $$$ extras - we stuck with the Bon Chon chicken, fries and watermelon soju.

And judging by the rest of the diners - this was the most popular order.  At this point, why not just take everything else off the menu and only serve Bon Chon?  Is it allowed?

For those who don't know - Bon Chon is the Korean fried chicken that took the city/country mad last year.  Super crispy, comes in a sweet soy glaze or a tangy spicy version - legs, wings, it's all good!  Paired with fries (I like the ones in midtown at Mad For Chicken more - thick cut steakhouse type fries with a super spicy mayo dip!) - it's the perfect meal for a Sunday night.

Which brings me to the all you can eat Bon Chon Sun - Thurs happy hour.  Chicken + Beer for $23?  What a deal...

Now if only they put in a couple more tvs and turned it into a sports bar...hrmm...there's a business idea!

9 Saint Marks, (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
(212) 228-2887


Sook said...

I'm Korean and i don't know what bon chon is... shame on me! but then I haven't lived there for a long time so I'm missing out on good things like this... :) The watermelon drink looks so good!

Anonymous said...

Love their watermelon soju!

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