November 28, 2009

Commerce - Foie gras stuffing? Wow!

On Wednesday I went to Commerce for a casual birthday dinner.  Super casual and cute, Commerce reminded me of a classic European bistro with a European clientele to boot.  It definitely reminded me of Balthazar and Pastis in both ambiance and patrons....

First off was the most amazing bread basket ever!  This has to win the award for most generous gratis offering in the city.  Freshly baked and piping hot - each roll had a surprise inside!  From onion marmalade to pork to cranberry pecan - each roll was a delight!!!  I had to seriously hold off from eating the whole thing otherwise there's no way I'd be able to eat my meal!

We started off by sharing the spaghetti carbonara - which I was eager to compare with my all time favorite rendition at Po.  This one was served with a rather thick pasta served very al dente (not cooked all the way through) and a coddled egg.  On the salty side with a sauce that was a bit more runny than I'd like - I'd say Po still remains the king of the carbonara.

Onto the main meal - of course we had to order the much talked about Roasted Chicken with potatoes and foie gras stuffing!  Yummm....the chicken came out super moist and the potatoes and stuffing were very decadent and rich.  A little too rich.   I must say I feared for my stomach, but no fear everything was fine!!

This meal is for when you are really hungry - a satisfying meal all around - it must be one of the best chicken dishes around town!

I would go back - for the bread basket definitely - and for the chicken when I'm wanting something extra special.

50 Commerce St. (at Barrow)

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