November 23, 2009

Abraco - not just for coffee...

I just wanted to post a quick update.  Ever since being introduced to the wonderfully delicious and incomparable iced coffee at Abraco - I now go every single Saturday as my weekend treat!

Stop 1 - Abraco for iced coffee
Stop 2 - Tokio 7 to scour the designer resale stock!

Anyhoo...back to Stop 1 - Abraco is not just about the coffee.  I know NYMag did this whole thing on their food options - but I just wanted to pipe in here and echo the sentiment.  The food at Abraco is amazing.  And I underscore Amazing!!!

Try to get a slice of their fritatta - this is the best in town in my opinion.  By a long shot.  Made like a layered cake - its super moist with layers of creamy egg, potatoes - and different vegetables.  It sells out quickly (and to be honest I haven't figured out when it comes out - is it breakfast or lunch? )

The sandwiches are also wonderful - fresh ingredients from mushrooms, to mozzarella - sandwiched between super crunchy bread (doused in olive oil I think/hope)...

If you are craving something sweet - the pain perdu is always a good option.  Or go with whatever brioche they have that day - it's always seasonal and super delicious...

Finally - one must try the olive oil cookie.  At least once!  This is a true adult cookie!  :)

86 East 7th St (between 1st and 2nd Ave)

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