August 29, 2009

Babycakes NYC - I hope vegans have better options than this...

chocolate gluten free cupcake at Babycakes
Let me preface my comments first:  I am NOT a vegan.  So take that in mind before reading what's next.

Okay, so I stumbled into Babycakes NYC today because I love cupcakes.  I love all kinds of cupcakes. 

But that was before I met a vegan cupcake. 

I didn't know Babycakes was a vegan bakery until I got inside.

These are what their cupcakes DON'T have:
  • white sugar
  • gluten (except the spelt ones)
  • wheat
  • soy
  • casein
  • egg
  • any dairy
I would venture guess Zooey Deschanel is a dedicated customer...

The bakery was super cute and charming and it smelled pretty good so I decided to give it a go.  Even though I'm usually very afraid of dairy free, especially gluten free cupcakes.  VERY afraid.  But I figured, maybe I should just know what they taste like.

So my boyfriend and I tried two cupcakes.  We went with the gluten-free chocolate and the spelt/agave vanilla.

vanilla spelt cupcake at Babycakes
Oh boy.  oh boy.  boy was it bad.  So bad.  I took two bites and really couldn't finish it.  Surprisingly the gluten-free chocolate was better than the spelt vanilla.  Okay, I don't really understand what spelt is but here is the wikipedia link if you want the whole definition.

But since it each were > $3.00 my boyfriend gamely finished off both.  Honestly, the texture was really strange.

More a muffin than a cupcake (maybe that's just the way vegan cupcakes are?), the frosting was where I really had a problem.

Kind of gooey and melty, it just tasted plain wrong.  Really bland with a slightly sour tinge. And the lime colored frosting was just strange.

Also, the aftertaste was pretty tough to get rid of.  Not sure how to describe it - but most aftertastes are bad so I'm sure you get the point by now.

So at first I was super hesitant to write this review because I know it's not fair since I'm not a vegan, but then I looked on and saw that I am definitely not alone in my feelings about this.

And really at $3.95 a cupcake it's kind of outrageous. Vegans deserve better!

And all of you out there, let me know what your favorite vegan cupcakes are and I'll give it another go...

If you still want to try...(which of course, everyone is different - and I know TONS of people love Babycakes)

Babycakes NYC
248 Broome St (Between Orchard and Ludlow)

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