August 29, 2009

Sugar Sweet Sunshine - $1.50 cupcakes a steal in NYC

cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine
I finally made it down to Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side last week.

Being that I love cupcakes (except vegan ones), it's surprising that I had never been there before.  I know a lot of people are SSS devotees so I had to give it a go!

The first thing that shocked me was the price.  $1.50!!!

Wow, I mean given the escalating cupcake prices around town ever since Magnolia blew up post Sex and the City, it's a wonder why Sugar Sweet Sunshine charges so little.

They surely could get away with $2.00.  That would still be over a $1.00 less than those of Magnolia or Butter Lane!

I went with the "owner's favorite"  - "Black and white...just right" which was a chocolate cupcake and vanilla frosting.  Yum!  It was certainly delicious, but I am the first to admit that it's not hard to make a yummy cupcake.

And maybe I should have gone with some of the more intricate flavors like the "Sassy Red Velvet" - with chocolate almond buttercream or the pistachio or pumpkin varieties, because to be honest - mine did take exactly like the kind you can make home out of a box.

But, at $1.50 that's okay.  Cuz if I was gonna make it at home, I'd have to buy the box, and the eggs, and heat the oven, and then eat all 2 dozen of them...

And I'm just not going to do that.  So I'll happily pay $1.50 for one at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington (between Norfolk and Essex)


Dwayne D. said...

Hi Christine! I've long been a fan of Sugar Sweet Sunshine's wares and must say, I'd wish your review was a little more in-depth. First; I've got to take exception to your assessment of Sugar Sweet Sunshine's pricing. It's not that Sugar Sweet Sunshine's prices are too low; it's that Magnolia and the other bakeries that seek to bleed 'Sex in the City' fans dry of their disposable income charge too much for cupcakes (which are often day-old and dry). Add that to the fact that Magnolia's service makes the Soup Nazi seem all warm and fuzzy. Ask a question at Magnolia and you're snapped at by the cashier for holding up the line; Ask one at Sugar Sweet Sunshine and they'll kindly answer and give you tips.

But I digress, a cupcake shop is about the cupcakes after all. As for the taste, I've never actually had Black & White..Just Right, so I'm at a loss to comment on it. Sounds dismal! I know for a fact that Seasonal Pumpkin has a flavour that's as robust as the Lower East Side is gritty, while the Pistachio is light and fluffy with just the most delectable hint of spice.

With a small glass of milk for under $2 and cupcakes at only $1.50 a pop, I'm surprised you didn't see fit in your capacity as a food critic to take at least a little nibble of the flavours whose names and ingredients popped out at you. I urge you to go back and give them another taste!

In the end perhaps Sugar Sweet Sunshine serves a separate demographic from the West Side bakeries. With rent prices, and therefore disposable income being considerably less, perhaps that's part of where the different culinary experience originates.

Unknown said...

I agree Dwayne - I definitely did not taste enough of the cupcakes (I was so full after dinner!)

I will definitely go back - my review was surely not in depth to your point, it was simply my observations. I think Magnolia and others may be overpriced for sure, but I guess my point was that I did think they were superior to SSS cupcakes. So in a sense I guess I did think there was a reason for SSS cupcakes to be priced where they were. For instance, many of the ingredients at a place like Butter Lane are more expensive than at SSS - thus warranting a higher price in my opinion.

That being said - I think they are a delight and very well worth it.

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