August 28, 2009

Random post - why do people rant so much about other people's comments?

Just don't read them then if they bother you so much!  I always find it a bit annoying when on public sites like or chowhound or serious eats, that people feel the need to disparage other fellow posters.  Like this one from on the perils of trying to get a reservation for the momofuku french invasion.

In response to some people talking about how hard it is to get a reservation - 

rgt12 writes " Do you egotistical fucks actually think anyone else cares about your attempts to get into some absurdly overpriced PR gimmick? Go post it on your blogs where no one has to bother reading it."

and in response to someone asking why he is so bitter?

rgt12 "not at all. Just completely sick of having to read about people who think that others care about the boring details of their lives that they feel the need to tell everyone about. Should I start posting a comment here every time I don't get a reservation I want? No. I don't give a shit, and I hope no one else is pathetic enough to care about that either."

why so mean?

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