July 13, 2009

Stogo - Gourmet Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream?

Stogo Gourmet Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream Shop
Located on what I now like to call Ice Cream Corner - 10th and 2nd Ave - home to Dessert Club Chikalicious and its Vanilla Bean Sundae, 16 Handles self serve yogurt land and the new Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck - Stogo is a wholesome opti thaon for the dairy challenged or vegan inclined.

Now I was very skeptical about the idea of "dairy free ice cream."  I mean my first thought was it was like eating low-fat mayo, non-fat mozzarella, or light cream cheese, all of which are on my no go list.

Made with organic dairy-free ingredients, no refined sugars, no animal products, no preservatives and no artificial flavorings - how could it taste good?

Stogo ice cream
Well, I guess it's basically like your average soy ice cream or lactose free variety you can get at the grocery store.

But with more exotic flavors like coconut chocolate, pomegranate chocolate chip and salted caramel pecan.

At $4.25 for a small (only 1 flavor allowed!) - it's pretty pricey.  But given its oh so special ingredients, you get what you pay for.

As for taste - definitely less creamy and less sweet than regular ice cream.  But pretty good nonetheless.  A great option for vegans.

For the rest of us, I'd still go with Van Leeuwen's ultra luxe, rich and creamy variety around the corner.

159 2nd Ave (at 10th St)

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Anonymous said...

try Lula's Sweet Apothocary next time, it's on 6th st between Ave A & Ave B, it's also dairy free & a lot better than stogo imo

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