June 12, 2009

Dessert Club Chikalicious Update - Sundaes and Cupcakes oh my!

chikalicious vanilla bean soft serve sundae
In my previous post about Chikalicious I pretty much just talked about their much praised Vanilla Bean Soft Serve.

In addition to the soft serve - Dessert Club also serves up a mean sundae - not your average sundae - it includes Vanilla Bean soft serve, hot fudge, chocolate pearls, kataifi and pistachio nuts.

For $4.95 I consider it a steal when compared to the mighty expensive Pinkberry and Red Mango.  Plus it's real soft serve!!!

chikalicious coconut cupcakeAs for their cupcakes - they are delicious.

Small, petite, perfectly sized - they have two levels - regular (red velvet, banana, coconut and black & white) and premium - we're talking s'mores, triple chocolate, caramel and mocha.

Yum... - perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower or other special event as well!

In addition to the soft serve and cupcakes, Chikalicious serves a variety of bread puddings, cookies, and other specialty desserts.

Dessert Club Chikalicious
204 East 10th St. (Between 2nd and 1st Ave)

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