June 13, 2009

Big Apple BBQ - Smokin good...

Big Apple BBQI went to the annual Big Apple BBQ today around 11:30ish - and it was well worth it to go a little on the early side.

The crowds were still there, but definitely manageable and we beat the rain showers too!

Weather was breezy - perfect for a good BBQ, especially given every year I've gone it's been super hot and humid. Today was just right - at least until around 3 when it started to rain.

17th St. Bar and Grill Ribs
After picking up a free Snapple at the Snapple stand (don't pay for it at the stands!), I started off at the 17th Street Bar & Grill in Memphis - got a plate of the baby back ribs and beans. Super delicious! Sweet, moist, and fell off the bones easily.

The beans were really nice - and I actually usually hate beans. These were very sweet as well with a nice tang. Off to a great start!

The Salt LickNext it was on to The Salt Lick BBQ from Texas. Now I've heard a ton about Salt Lick from all my Texan friends who swear by it - some traveling hours to get it. To be honest...I was a little underwhelmed. I thought the brisket was a bit on the dry side without much flavor. I know that's like blasphemy to say that, but hey it's what I thought! On the other hand, the sausage was great! A little on the spicy side - it more than made up for the try brisket...

BlackJack BBQAfter a mini break where I picked up some free illy issimo coffee, I tried out some of the pulled pork shoulder from BlackJack BBQ of South Carolina. I really enjoyed this one - I guess because I liked the less messy aspect of the sandwich - and I looooove pork shoulder. Nothing more tender than that! And I have to say - BlackJack had the best cole slaw - more flavorful and tangy than the others...

Baker's RibsFinally, I tried the St. Louis style ribs from Baker's Ribs of Texas. I have to say that these were dry - a bit overcooked...but the flavor was nice and smoky - the most smoky of all that I tried.

All in all - I know I didn't try everything - I mean, I only have one stomach! I have to say the crown prize in my book goes to 17th Street Bar & Grill - sometimes the first is often the best...

For everyone who didn't go today - check it out tomorrow...maybe the weather will hold up? But go early as I think a lot of the places ran out by around 3 or 4pm...

Big Apple BBQ
Madison Square Park

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