August 10, 2008

E. ChikaLicious Dessert Club - Best Vanilla Bean Soft Serve in the City

Vanilla soft serve ice creamAfter the gooey goodness of S'Mac, it was time for a sweet detour.

Off to Chikalicious Dessert Club! This is a tiny, unpretentious shop located across the street from the famed ChikaLicious.

It's sort of like a ChikaLicious "to go," serving up tasty bread puddings, cupcakes, crème brûlées , and of course, the much talked about Vanilla Bean Soft Serve.

After reading the following article in the New York Times...I had to try it for myself.

My verdict? Sorry Mister Softee...there's a new sheriff in town. ChikaLicious is serving up the best darn Vanilla Bean Soft Serve on this side of the Mississippi.

You can taste the essence and even the crunchiness of Vanilla Beans throughout the swirl...truly a decadent snack.

And without the customary 1 hour wait of its sister across the street you can count on me to be back...and back....and back again.

Bye Bye ChikaLicious...Hello ChikaLicious Dessert Club!

ChikaLicious Dessert Club
204 E. 10th St. New York, NY

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