July 12, 2009

Dessert Club Chikalicious - 3 chocolate chip cookes for $1.95

Chikalicious Chocolate chip cookie
So this is just a pet peeve of a post. 

Last night I wanted to try the chocolate chip cookies at Dessert Club Chikalicious since I had heard a lot of wonderful things about them and time and time again they've been sold out.

Anyhow - I decided to order 2 cookies, not looking at the menu at first.  After handing me 2 cookies - I was told "$1.95 please."

No problem.  Didn't seem too unreasonable.  Until I looked down at the menu and saw this:

1 cookie = $1.00
3 cookies = $1.95

So I asked, "Oh!  It's 3 for $1.95 right?  Can I have a third cookie?"

Response, "You told me 2 cookies, I give you 2 cookies.  If you say 3 I give you 3."


Now why would I want 2 cookies for $1.95, if I can get 3 cookies for $1.95?  Kind of like when Starbucks had their $1.95 iced coffee deal which was the price for either a tall or a grande.  Did anyone order the tall @ $1.95??

Aside from the peculiar and somewhat abrasive service, the cookie was delicious.  Kind of like Mrs. Fields, but better.  Rich and chocolatey from start to finish.  And I ate all 3 cookies.

Dessert Club Chikalicious
204 East 10th St. (Between 2nd and 1st Ave)

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