May 9, 2009

Starbucks - $1.95 Iced Coffee Just in Time for Summer

StarbucksSo I went to Starbucks the other day and they were heavily promoting their new deal - $1.95 Iced Coffee with Milk + Vanilla or Hazelnut syrup.

Pretty sweet deal, right? What's really strange about the deal is that the tall and grande size are both $1.95.

Hrmmmm... Did someone mess up on that one?

Fourbucks no more - this is Starbuck's legitimate try to compete with Dunkin Donuts and increasingly McCafe. Now I have had McDonald's sad attempt at iced coffee. And it is pretty sad indeed. Watery, diluted...more like flavored water, or commonly referred to as "dirt water," McCafe is not for me.

As for Dunkin Donuts - I know there are legions of strong believers, but I still stand by Starbuck's distinct brew and aroma - always sharp and strong and right to the point.

The $1.95 Grande Iced Coffee with Milk + Vanilla is a deal that can't be beat. Hurry up and get it before the deal expires...but with the recession going like it is...this deal may be here to stay.

One small win for the consumer in the economic fallout...


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