June 3, 2009

Is Sriracha the new Chipotle?


legal seafoodsThis is an update to my earlier post about the increasing popularity of the Vietnamese hot sauce Sriracha.

You know it's hit the big time when a major chain like Legal Seafoods starts using Sriracha.

I'm in Boston this week for my graduation and we went to my mom's all time favorite restaurant, Legal Seafoods.

Now, while Legal Seafoods isn't exactly known for its innovation cuisine, one of the specialities of the night popped out to me. "Lobster BLT with sliced avocado and Sriracha mayonnaise"

Sriracha mayonnaise at Legal Seafoods?  Can you imagine how many customers ask what that is?  Well, you have to give them credit for going for it!  Hey, Applebees is doing it too with their fried shrimp dish with mayonnaise and sriracha.

In case you were wondering - the sriracha mayonnaise basically was like a tangier, hotter version of chipotle mayonnaise.  Maybe sriracha is the new chipotle? 

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