June 5, 2009

Porchetta - All things Swine

porchettaPorchetta is a pork lover's paradise down in the East Village.  Just a small takeout stand - they have counter seating for at max 5 or 6 people - Porchetta delivers with a simple menu of slow roasted pork - tender, succulent, delicious.

Porchetta serves two dishes - pork sandwich and a pork plate - the first is piled into ciabatta sourced from Sullivan St. Bakery and the plate is served with beans and sauteed greens.

For those vegetarians dragged by their swine loving pals - there is a mozzarella sandwich.

For sides - the crispy potatoes and the burnt ends is the must have - basically fried pork rinds - I mean, really is there anything better??

As for dessert - cross the street and pick up some delicious cupcakes from Butter Lane.

So while I looove Porchetta, I would be amiss if I said it was the best ever.  That title goes to
a porchetta sandwich I had at a Harrods airport cafe in the Lisbon airport - random, I know - but if you are ever passing through a Harrods cafe - you MUST try their suckling pig sandwich.  Utterly heavenly - soooooo moist - it beats Porchetta.

But since we are most likely not going to be able to go to Harrods on a whim - Porchetta + Butter Lane is a recipe for a perfect casual Friday night!

110 East 7th St. (between Ave A and 1st Ave)

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Diane said...

every time we walk past there my husband says, "we have to eat here"...we just never have. so glad to hear it is yummy though! it always smells amazing! :)

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