June 2, 2009

Sushi Seki - My favorite sushi place on the Upper East Side

While Sushi Seki is certainly a trek from those of us on the west side of town - it may be worth it.  All the way on 1st ave between 62nd and 63rd, Sushi Seki is somewhat of a diamond in the rough - a gem on the Upper East Side.

While the decor is very unassuming, the sushi is not.  Skip the standard noodles or teriyaki dishes and stick with the sushi - always fresh with some suprising flavors, you won't be sorry.

The omakase starts at $40, but it escalates quickly so don't let that starting bid fool you- - be prepared to spend closer to $100.

I personally always go for the "Three Golden Flowers" - three special sushi rolls that vary seasonally or what's fresh that day. One of the more interesting rolls that often comes in the Three Golden Flowers is a salmon and seared tomato combination - the smokiness of the tomato is truly unique.

The beauty of Sushi Seki is that Mr. Seki is not afraid to experiment, but while the flavors sometimes resemble those of Asian fusion restaurants like Sushi Samba - they have just a hint of restraint that still makes the local Japanese flock in droves.  Always crowded, even late at night on a weeknight - it's quite a feat in such an awkward location - but a testament to the high quality.

Prices can be steep depending on what you order - like most sushi places - but I've found it to be a more manageable bill than counterparts Sushi of Gari or Sushi Yasuda.

Reservations advised - even for a weeknight in winter.

Sushi Seki
1143 1st Ave (Between 62nd and 63rd)


Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

Sounds like a must-try! PS I love the new web design and banner pictures!

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine!
Have you uploaded your website url on your Foodbuzz Profile!
I enjoyed your review of Sushi Seki, but it would be even greater with at least one pic!
Keep me notified o your new postings!

Unknown said...

I know - I forgot my camera the last time I went - as soon as I go again I will definitely update with a picture! :)

Dreams of cakes said...

Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

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