June 30, 2009

Fish & Chips- A Salt and Battery and The Chipshop

fish and chips at Chipshop in brooklyn
For some reason since it's July 4th I've been thinking about good ole British fish and chips. I know - 4th of July is Independence Day - why am I thinking of the brits? hehe.

In any event, there are two great options in NY - A Salt and Battery in Greenwich Village and The Chipshop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Both offer classic fish & chips - battered haddock is my favorite, and deliciously plump chips.

To be honest I think both are very comparable which is why I wanted to mention them here - for me I just think it's great one is located in Manhattan and one is in Brooklyn - more the merrier for everyone!

A Salt & BatteryA Salt and Battery is a tiny shop - not much seating, save for few precious counter seats or if you are lucky and score the bench outside.

Next door to its sibling Tea & Sympathy, A Salt and Battery serves up fried haddock, sole, cod and scallops and shrimps too.

While I love scallops and fried shrimp - in my opinion its the haddock that gets me good. Perfectly light and flaky paired with the homemade tartar sauce - mmm.

Don't be afraid of the oil marks it leaves behind - I mean what do you expect from fish & chips?

For dessert - gotta try to deep fried mars bar right? Well, maybe share it with a friend...it's quite rich and maybe too much of a good thing can be bad...yep.

Chipshop in Brooklyn
The Chipshop has two locations in Brooklyn. Always super crowded - be prepared for pretty long days. Or you can be like me and go in the middle of a rainy day at 3pm and not wait! :)

Here I would also go for the fried haddock or cod and chips - I mean that is why you are going right?

Oh, never mind - maybe you are going for the fried macaroni and cheese!

That's why I keep coming back. Imagine your childhood favorite mac'n'cheese - deep fried! Deliciously decadent...so bad yet so good. Maybe limit it to once a quarter. For dessert if you are still going - do the fried twinkie. You won't be sorry. Indestructible!

A Salt & Battery
112 Greenwich Ave. (Between 12th and 13th)

The Chipshop
Park Slope, Brooklyn
383 5th Ave. (At 6th)

Atlantic, Brooklyn
129 Atlantic Ave. (Between Clinton & Henry)

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Justin said...

right, that's funny... i've only been to chipshop mid-day, like 2 or 3pm and didn't now it got that crowded

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