July 3, 2009

Legendary Schatzie the Butcher comes the Upper West Side

Famous for the "Dirty Brisket Sandwich," Upper East Side staple Schatzie the Butcher is moving from 88th and Madison across the park to 87th and Amsterdam.

After rents tripled at his 30 year UES location, Schatzie will be moving into a block with neighbors such as Popover Cafe and Barney's Greengrass.

Upper West Siders rejoice! Another great addition to the burgeoning neighborhood. Between Amsterdam and Central Park West lie such new addition greats as Shake Shack and s'Mac to accompany the old guard.

UES loss is at the gain of UWS - who still lives on the upper east anyhow? Can't wait to get the roast beef on rye... "That's a beautiful piece of meat!"

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