May 29, 2009

Yummy Deals - Groupon for 50% off Black Duck

GrouponI mentioned Groupon in a previous post, and essentially what it does is offer daily discounts at places around the city.

The catch is - enough people have to sign up for the discount for it to become valid. Get it? "Group + Coupon" hehe.

What happens is when you purchase a Groupon, you will only be charged if enough people purchase the same Groupon - I believe the number varies around 20 people. So far 130 have been sold, so you are in the clear!

Interesting concept as Groupon is hoping to use the power of social networking to spread the word. The more people who join => the more companies that will sign up => the more deals for everyone!

Today's Deal of the Day is 50% off at Black Duck on 28th between Park and Lexington. More specifically, a $20 coupon gives you $40 credit at the restaurant.

Black Duck RestaurantBlack Duck serves contemporary American cuisine in a relaxed and casual environment. It's perfect for an after work dinner, and even better on the weekend when there is live jazz and other entertainment events.

Black Duck serves an array of pan-American dishes including various seafood entrees like Roasted Halibut and Sesame Crusted Wasabi Tuna, as well as classics like Pan Roasted Chicken and a Surf & Turf.

At 50% off, why not give it a try?

Black Duck
122 East 28th (Between Park and Lexington)

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