May 30, 2009

Bella Vita Pizza - Best NYC pizza

Bella Vita pizza
So I know a lot of people have really fervent opinions on who has the best pizza in the city - whether it be John's down in the West Village (too soggy for my tastes) or Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (too long of a wait).

My choice is Bella Vita - serving up brick oven pizzas with a no muss, no fuss attitude.

The pizzas always come out piping hot - cooked to just the right temperature where the crust is crispy, yet not hard.  The flavors are amazing - with a variety of choices ranging from vegetarian, to chicken with tomatoes, to sausage and pepperoni - Bella Vita serves it all, by the slice or by the pie.

In addition Bella Vita also serves up salads - anything from a Caesar to a Greek to a Caprese, as well as a selection of pastas and sandwiches.

Add a side of garlic knots and you are good to go. 

Bella Vita has two locations in midtown Manhattan - a small outpost in the slightly awkward location of 58th St between 7th Ave and 6th Ave - hey you can grab a slice on your way to Central Park - and another location on 43rd between Broadway and 8th Ave.

The Times Square outpost is much larger with seating area which is great for tourists and theater goers, but also tends to have a bigger crowd during both the lunch and dinner hours.

My go-to location is the tiny 58th street shop which is much more of a take-out/delivery joint. Super casual, super laid back, and rarely with a long wait - it's worth the trip.

In case you are feeling lazy - Bella Vita also delivers - and upon delivery, just pop the pizza in the oven for a couple minutes to retain maximium crispness.

Bella Vita
Times Square
211 West 43rd (Between Broadway and 8th Ave)

158 West 58th (Between 7th Ave and 6th Ave)

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