May 22, 2009

Yummy Deals - Groupon?

GrouponSo this is kind of an interesting concept. A website called Groupon essentially offers daily discounts at places around the city.

The catch is - enough people have to sign up for the discount for it to become valid. Get it? "Group + Coupon" hehe.

I'm not totally sure how this works or how many people need to join everyday, but Groupon is hoping to use the power of social networking to spread the word. This is the essence of a networked business: the more people who join =>the more companies that will sign up => the more deals for everyone!

Today's Deal of the Day is 60% off at The Orchard on the Lower East Side. More specifically, a $20 coupon gives you $50 credit at the restaurant.

The Orchard on the LES is a popular restaurant downtown with a special focus on a variety of flatbreads with unusual and exotic toppings, including crab salad and steak tartare.

Entrees include "Drunken Goat Cheese Salad" and the "Crispy Lobster Empanadas."

At 60% off, why not give it a try?

The Orchard
162 Orchard St. (Between Stanton and Rivington) New York, NYC

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