March 3, 2009

Update- Recession hits the Quality at Clinton Street Baking Co.

blueberry pancakesAlert- the blueberry pancakes that made Clinton Street Baking Co. worth the 2 hour wait have now been compromised.

It appears that the gloom and doom economic environment has resulted in cost cutting across the board - most noticeably in the pancakes.

No longer served with fresh blueberries - the blueberry pancakes resemble something closer to the IHOP version, which would cost you less than half the bill at Clinton.

In the past the pancakes had a sprinkling of fresh blueberries mixed into the dough - nowadays the pancakes come smothered with "blueberry syrup" - mashed up blueberries that are shriveled up, clearly either canned or frozen.

blueberry pancakesThey are almost unrecognizable as they are no longer the color of a delightful flaky brown, but more like something the Smurfs would enjoy...

A truly disappointing development - especially at $12 a pop. To be honest, I am a little relieved - now I no longer have to devote an entire Saturday afternoon down on the LES waiting for these pancakes.

I suspect others will feel the same...and that 2 hour wait will continue to shrink. My suggestion - go between 6-8pm Mon- Sat for the Beer + Burger $12 special - now that's a deal worth waiting for.

Clinton Street Baking Co.
4 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002


Unknown said...

I think your comment is actually quite useless. The pancakes with the blueberry compote topping are even better in my book. I think its just a preference. I had their pancakes recently and they were as good as ever.

Unknown said...

It is a fact that Clinton Street has recently changed its food distributor.

The price of the pancakes has gone up post this change - you are right it is a matter of personal preference and I am sure there are many people who agree with you since there are still 2 hours waits.

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