February 9, 2009

Nolita House - More Bar than Restaurant

I consider Nolita House to be more of a bar than a restaurant. While Nolita House does have enough seating and a menu long enough to warrant it being a restaurant - the vibe I got was definitely more dive bar.

Located on East Houston between Mott and Mulberry, Nolita House is a great neighborhood spot serving up classic burgers, mac'n'cheese and pizzas. The food is average for a restaurant, better than average for a bar.

That's why I prefer to call it a bar...

I ordered the Lobster Bake Mac'n'cheese. My expectations were not that high considering it was a lobster dish for only $14. I was right. The lobster was very few and far between...finding a piece of lobster was like finding that golden egg on an Easter egg hunt.

However, more disappointing was the lack of flavor in the mac'n'cheese. Not very cheesy, I would almost describe it more as a "pasta alfredo." Maybe I should have just gone with the Four Cheese Original if I wanted more cheese.

The burger was good - definitely above average with a great side of greasy cut fries. And the guacamole and chips were great - and generous to boot. Usually restaurants are so stingy with that guac!

All in all, Nolita House is a good choice if you live in the neighborhood, but not worth a subway ride.

Last tip - there is a definite draft in the front part of the restaurant so on a cold winter night make sure you ask to sit in the back.

Sit up front and you'll be dining with your scarf and mittens.

Nolita House
47 East Houston, New York, NY 10012

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