March 3, 2009

Once Upon A Tart - "The City" has some good recommendations...

Once Upon A TartOnce Upon A Tart - Okay, so I am kind of embarrassed that after living in "The City" for almost 6 years, I needed MTV's "The City" to introduce me to Once Upon A Tart.

After seeing Allie and Adam have one of their painful "DTRs" at Once Upon A Tart - I had to go try it. Once Upon A Tart is a tiny bakery/coffee shop located on Sullivan street - the "still cool" part of Soho that is not mobbed by tourists.

The bakery has an adjoining take out shop where you can pick from a wide variety of tarts, quiches, sandwiches and a particularly delicious oven-ready version of chicken potpie and mac'n'cheese.

I chose the pear and almond tart - light, flaky and delicious. I was pleasantly surprised that the tart used the natural sweetness of the pear for flavor instead of having the customary thick, "corn syrupy" filling that I have come to associate with tarts. It had the perfect sweet- not too sweet taste.

Other highlights are the scones - the cheddar and dill is great - although my all time favorite cheddar biscuit award has to go to Red Lobster. You know what I'm talkin about...

One negative is that the bakery tends to run out of the goods rather early in the day so if you have a specific craving don't wait too long...

Overall, Once Upon A Tart is a nice option when you need a coffee/snack break while shopping in Soho. Be forewarned - you will see your fair share of model types, a la Allie & Adam...and the service is a bit surly. Did you expect any less from a Soho cafe?

Once Upon A Tart
135 Sullivan St., New York, NY 10012

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