August 21, 2009

'witchcraft for lunch = delicious sandiwches

grilled cheese at 'witchcraft
Part of the growing Tom Colicchio empire, 'witchcraft for lunch is a wonderful option if you are lucky enough to have one near you.

Given their recent expansion, more likely than not there is a 'witchcraft within walking distance to your office.  You may just not know it!

While they also serve dinner, they don't serve the sandwiches.  Thus, I haven't really been super interested to try dinner yet.

I frequent the 'witchcraft in flatiron - located on 20th between Broadway and 5th Ave.  Housed in a charming, yet narrow building, 'witchcraft takes up several floors.

Order on the first floor and bring your card upstairs for seating and the servers will find you.

The second floor has a nice seating area plus an outdoor garden if you want to venture out on a nice summer day.  There haven't been many of those here lately, but I'm sure it's lovely in September!

Exposed brick throughout, it's a rather nice lunch spot for neighboring offices or tourists who are savvy enough to choose this over Chipotle or goodburger.

I personally love a good grilled cheese, and 'witchcraft has several options.

My go-to sandwich is the grilled cheese with gruyere and caramelized onions on rye bread.  Delicious!  The onions are the star of this sandwich.  Sweet, sugary and soft, they are the perfect complement to the gruyere.  Yum.  And served piping hot.  There's nothing worse than a cold grilled cheese.

chopped chickpea sandwich at 'witchcraft
As for the cold sandwiches, I like the chickpea sandwich.  A nice and refreshing option to the usual fried falafal.

Roasted red peppers, olives, lemon and parsley make this a wonderful, cool option for vegetarians - or non vegetarians!

Go to 'witchcraft for a nicer lunch alternative and if you need a pick me up - between 3pm - 6pm they have a coffee happy hour!  50% off all coffee items.  Yay!

11 locations around NYC

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