August 21, 2009

The Stand Burger - Is it really all that?

The Stand burger
Yep - definitively all that and more!  $10 bucks, dollar for dollar gets you one of the best burgers around town.

The Stand burger has chopped onions and parsley in the meat and is topped with Stand's special dressing - kind of like a creamy tomato sauce.

The burger comes out so juicy and flavorful - it's really quite delicious, and frankly I usually don't even like burgers!

There is enough flavor that you don't really need any of the special sauce - it's best on its own.

To be honest, my boyfriend said there was almost too much flavoring that it kind of reminded him of taco bell meat.

The idea of that sounds gross, but since many people swear by taco bell - you can imagine why the Stand burger is so popular.

chicken burger at The Stand
I ordered the chicken burger - breaded chicken topped with an onion marmalade.  It was good, but lacked the flavor profile that the burger had due to the onions and parsley.

The piece of chicken was a bit too thick for my taste - hard to eat and a little over dried.  But not a bad effort in any event.

sweet potato fries at The Stand
Finally - I do love the fried sweet pickles that come with the burgers. What an interesting and nice touch!

And if you go you must have an order of the sweet potato fries - crispy and sweet - much nicer than the high sodium found in a lot of regular fries.

For drinks - the toasted marshmallow shake tastes kind of like a s'more - more notably a s'more with burnt marshmallows.  And who doesn't love that.

If you want something more refreshing - the fresh sodas give a sharp bite.  Especially the pineapple and lime.  Mmmmm good.

For a late night outing - go with one of their alcoholic shakes.  Open till 4:30am, there's plenty of time for that!

The Stand
24 East 12th St (Between University and 5th Ave)

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