August 7, 2009

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy @ Union Square Greenmarket

Ronnybrook milks
I finally tried some of Ronnybrook's products at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesday. Delicious!

Much better than their outpost at Chelsea Market - the food there was just ok - Ronnybrook is really primarily the go to place for yummy milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream of course!

Since flavored milks seem to be all the rage these days, I went for the coffee milk and chocolate milk. Delicious - reminding me of a much better version of yoo-hoo, with a hint of bottled Starbuck Frappuccinos.

Onto the butters - I had to go with garlic butter. Slabbed it on toasted bread and it was instant garlic bread! Definitely A++

Finally, the ice cream - I went with ginger creme brulee. Deliciously milky and rich with a bit of spiciness that cuts into the creaminess. Next time I'm going for the butter pecan. Mmmmm.....


Jill said...

since I grew up near Union Sq I also grew up on Ronnybrook - their milk (even unflavored, seriously, try their 2%) is delicious! And you can bring back their glass bottles for recycling.

ckan81 said...

Also at the farmers' market on 47th and 2nd Ave every Wednesday of the year. Every ice cream I've had I love, but truly love the coconut (and normally I don't go gaga over coconut) and the hazelnut and the chocolate hazelnut and the raspberry. I also love the cinnamon butter. Good on toast and cooking apples in a skillet.

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