July 4, 2009

Milk Bar at Chelsea Market - Fresh Dairy from the Farm

Milk Bar at Chelsea Market
Ronnybrook Milk Bar at Chelsea market offers up fresh dairy products from Hudson Valley - pints of ice cream and jugs of milk fill the fridge.

I think the main reason to drop into milk bar is for takeout - as in takeout ice cream pints or ice cream sandwiches, milk or a milkshake and ice cream float.

The dining menu includes expected country favorites like "egg in a hole" and country baked mac'n'cheese.  I stopped in for lunch the other day and tried the mac'n'cheese and a roast chicken sandwich on olive panini bread.

macaroni and cheese
Unfortunately both were a bit underwhelming as the mac'n'cheese looked more like the Kraft version rather than a baked mac'n'cheese.

The sandwich was good - but nothing special - somewhat like the standard fare you could find at any deli around town.

roast chicken sandwichI almost was going to try to blended frozen mint lemonade - but thankfully the guy sitting next to me had one that looked a very suspicious color of green - maybe a bit too much mint?

Anyhow, he had one sip and told me not to order it.  Save my $4.50 and apply it toward a shake!

All in all - Milk Bar is probably really only good for one thing: milk.  Stick with what you know - and always order the house specialty.

Ronnybrook Milk Bar, Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave (Between 15th and 16th)

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