August 13, 2009

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in the Hudson Valley

Ronnybrook Farm
As part of my venture into the Hudson Valley, I had to stop by Ronnybrook Farm Dairy to check out the cows that are making the delicious chocolate milk and ice cream I've become addicted to.

Located on over 700 acres of land, Ronnybrook farm is an industrial milk farm that somehow still feels somewhat like a small dairy farm.

We arrived midday and just parked our car on the side of the road and started to walk around the grounds.  The staff was super nice and just let us meander around the farm and the barn.

cows at Ronnybrook Farm
Herds of dairy cows stood by the side of the road, and a bit farther up we got to meet a bunch of the newly born calves.  Ranging anywhere from a couple days old to a couple months - they sure are a delight!

We even had the fortune to see a newborn calf! As well as meet Ronny himself and his sons.  While the farm isn't exactly a tourist destination - there isn't really a tour or even a full blown tourist shop (just a couple shirts and mugs), most days the staff is more than willing to show you around.

You may even get a chance to see them process the milk if you are willing to don a hard hat!

After getting to see the cows graze on green pastures, I feel pretty confident that my milk comes from happy cows.  Happy cows aren't only from California after all...

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy
310 Prospect Hill Rd
Ancramdale, NY 12503
(518) 398-6455

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Gotmilk said...

With a name like that you'd have expected a donnybrook. But it does sound like a happy place.

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