August 1, 2009

PDT - Please Don't Tell that we're part of Crif Dogs

PDT, aka "Please Don't Tell" is a bar hidden behind the guise of a phone booth at legendary stoner haven Crif Dogs

The bar is kind of the anti-thesis of Crif Dogs - much more pretentious where you are more likely to see your average anorexic model accompanied by her seer sucker clad boyfriend.

Much in the style of Freemans on the lower east side and somewhat reminiscent of Milk & Honey, PDT relies on the cache or aura of being a "hard to get into" bar.  Somewhere where only the "in the know" know about it.  I mean, given it's behind a fake phone booth.

In actuality all it takes to get into PDT is a reservation.  And the phone number is not a secret.  It's 212-614-0386.  Same day reservations - call at 3pm on the dot to reserve a table, otherwise try your luck at the bar which is first come first serve for walk-ins.

Decked out like a classic speakeasy, with the requisite taxidermy - bears, antelope, name it, PDT has a pretty groovy vibe.  It is very small with only a couple of booths and tables, and drinks are pricey - $13 bucks a pop.  But...they are worth it - very strong and potent, most can only last through 2 rounds.  I would have a picture here, but too bad they don't allow photography!

Favorites include the Pharoah Cooler (watermelon juice + tequila...) and the Imperial Blueberry Fizz - champagne + cognac....the list goes on and on.

If you get the munchies - tator tots and specialty crif dogs honoring only the coolest of NYC chefs around town - get the WD-Dog or Chang Dog.

Just don't plan on gettin rowdy - our table of 6 was told to quiet down.  Quiet down in a bar??? A little too hoity toity for me.
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113 Saint Marks Place (Between 1st and Ave. A)

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