August 2, 2009

Artichoke - Artichoke & Spinach on a pizza?

artichoke and spinach pizza
Last night I went to Artichoke with some friends.

Now I never really even heard about it, but every time I go down to the east village I always wonder what that long line is for.

Given the restaurant name, I always just assumed that it was a vegetarian restaurant.  Of very little interest to me.

But...surprise - it's a pizza joint - specializing in artichoke toppings.  I of course went with the artichoke & spinach pizza.

Imagine creamy and cheesy artichoke and spinach dip baked on pizza dough.  Essentially it was more like a white pizza, or a dip + bread rolled all in one.  $4 bucks gets you a huge slice - definitely enough to fill you up.

The pizza was very very buttery - starting off rich and gooey from the tip, but increasingly a little more dry as you work your way up the crust.  It is a very thick and doughy pizza in order to be able to hold up the heaviness of the artichoke & spinach dip.

I'd say while it was certainly worth a try, the buttery and greasiness definitely got to me as I made it towards the finish line and could probably do without the crust.

The best part of it was definitely the cheesy and creamy artichoke & spinach topping - so good that as in my friend Yue's words "I just want to drink it."

But if that's the best part, maybe next time I'll just make some dip at home...and drink it up with a nice baguette.

328 East 14th St. (Between 1st and 2nd Ave)

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Yue said...

The first few bites were so good but then my jaw started hurting from chewing the chewy crust. I'd say share a slice with a friend for appetizer, then go somewhere else. I'm definitely glad we tried it and didn't have to stand in the long line!

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