July 9, 2009

Interview with Food Inc. Director Robert Kenner, courtesy The Young and Hungry

Food Inc.
The Young and Hungry have a great interview with Robert Keller, the director of Food Inc., a documentary exposing the world of food production and where and how the food we eat gets on our plate.

After reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, I swore I would only eat organic food.  Not just organic - it would have to be locally sourced from the green market - the only real way to sustainable farming. 

However, after a couple weeks of that - I fell off the wagon like most people and went back to shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's thinking that's good enough.  And for now it probably is,  - with the green market being more of a weekend luxury for me. 

I am confident that WF and TJ's will continue to add more locally sourced ingredients - it's really a matter of cost, but they'll get there in time...

Even though most of us can't always abide by the tenets of Michal Pollan and Robert Kenner, knowledge is power so just being educated on what we are putting into our bodies is important.

For the full interview visit The Young and Hungry

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