July 9, 2009

Anita Lo back on top after Top Chef Masters - Magic and Cooking

Anita Lo
NYC cheftestant Anita Lo triumphed last night on Top Chef Masters with a perfect score for her soft scrambled eggs with shitake mushrooms and truffle oil and a great finish in the elimination challenge with her innovative rendition of an "illusion of a scallop."

Braised daikon stuffed with steak tartare - an interesting take on surf and turf wouldn't you say?

I'm happy Anita won, give her restaurant Annisa burned down last Friday. Craziness in the food world.

While Anita rose to the occasion, others not so much. Chef John Besh failed in spectacular fashion finishing with the lowest star total yet on Top Chef Masters...a measly 12 stars.

For a full review read my Top Chef Examiner article. Stay tuned for next week! :)

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