June 24, 2009

Westside Market - Fresh produce, great prices, great beer selection!

So I was staying at my friend Emily's place last summer for a week up on 110th and Broadway near Columbia University. 

Not having spent much time in the area I was pleasantly surprised at all the good food, and especially good grocery stores!! 

One in particular blew me away...

Westside Market on 110th and Broadway is a specialty grocer that serves up the best produce I've found almost anywhere in the city.  Super fresh blueberries @ 2 for $5 is a great deal!  Plus mangoes, pineapples, avocados, strawberries you name it!

As for their beer selection - they've got everything under the sun - local brews, imported, buy it as a six pack or mix and match to please everyone in the house.

They also have an extensive cheese selection and fresh baked pies - even cheesecakes from Juniors!

Westside market also has a location on the Upper West Side and Chelsea - haven't been there so not sure if the prices are as good...but it's worth a trip.

While you are up there, grab a latte from Oren's Daily Roast to taste some real joe.

Westside Market NYC


Summer said...

Westside Market is absolutely the best of the best. It's my local grocery store here in Chelsea and does an amazing job of offering huge quality and selection at decent prices. Cheese, prosciutto, and hummus for your next gathering; or just a nice selection of teas for a rainy June New York summer day. Amazing. AND the one on the Upper West Side used to be my local grocery store, for my first summer in NYC! I love you, Westside.

jwong said...

Yes- I dare say it is better than Trader Joes...I know- blasphemy. I went to Columbia and Westside Market was instrumental in giving me fresh produce and veggies...so my mom would stop yelling at me to eat better

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